Edit: IQFamilyTrack is back to signing up driving schools to all for parents and students to get a discounted rate while the student is in the driving school and for a period of time after that.  Please contact us to find out more information.

IQFamilyTrack is now signing up driving schools to be able to refer their parents and students to our website.  Tracking new driving teens is becoming something that every parent should consider.  Everyone wants their new driver to enjoy the privilege of driving on their own, but they are still parents at heart and want to make sure that their teen is safe.  The IQLITE is the perfect compromise between letting go and still knowing where they are.  If you are a driving school that is teaching new drivers how to drive, and you want to join with IQFamilyTrack in helping parents let go and still know where their teen is, please contact IQFamilyTrack by going to our website and filing out the Contact form (https://www.iqfamilytrack.com/contact) and someone will contact you back.