Can you afford NOT to monitor their driving?

Track your teen drivers
and keep them safe.

Teen Safety

Teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents, are less experienced drivers and are particularly vulnerable if stranded following a vehicle breakdown.

IQFamilyTrack enables parents to be constantly aware of their teenage driver’s whereabouts, the journeys taken, speeds, and driving behavior 24/7 in near real time via the web. In conjunction with the use of a parent to teen driving contract IQFamilyTrack can help keep teenage drivers safe.

In addition to monitoring location and driving behavior information, parents can set up and monitor geofences, which are virtual areas or boundaries placed around specific locations.  For example, school, work, and home can be set up as geofences. Parents will be alerted immediately via text or email, when the tracked vehicle arrives and/or leaves these virtual areas.  Parents can set up these virtual geofences for permitted areas as well as restricted areas. There are no contracts, no activation fees, and no limit on the number of notifications and alerts received.

Parents may use the system to supervise troubled teens, or professionals may use it as part of an aftercare program – allowing independence for the teenager and peace of mind for the parent.  IQFamilyTrack ensures accountability, modifies driving behavior, and encourages the re-building of trust between the teen and their parents.

IQFamilyTrack’s IQLITE is a cellular GPS system that works on all 1996 or newer vehicles, using their on-board diagnostics system (OBD II) to receive and process satellite signals and send them to the IQFamilyTrack web server.  It’s as simple as plug it in and you’re ready to go.


IQFamilyTrack gives you peace of mind.

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