Elderly Driver

Using IQFamilyTrack’s Elderly Tracking enables you to be constantly aware of your elderly relative or friend’s whereabouts, the journeys he/she has taken, speed etc. You can set up and monitor geofences, which are areas or boundaries into or out of which you have placed a driving notification.

Most elderly parents are reluctant to give up driving. This can be a constant source of worry for family members. With IQFamilyTrack you can reduce this source of concern. If things go wrong, be it an accident or a breakdown, you can tell exactly where they are and ensure they receive prompt help.  If they are not responding to attempts to contact them, you will know where their vehicle is.  Let us help you keep our seniors safe by using IQFamilyTrack’s Elderly Tracking.

The system works using sophisticated GPS technology, enabling constant updates and history of your loved one’s vehicle position, direction, driving behavior etc.

IQFamilyTrack gives you peace of mind.