Customers must sign an agreement with IQFamilyTrack and begin making monthly or annual payments for the service within 3 months of our receipt of a referral. Referral fees are payable only for customers who become customers as a result of the contact information you provide to IQFamilyTrack under this program, and not for any existing customers of IQFamilyTrack or customers which IQFamilyTrack may acquire as a result of its general sales efforts or any agent, or other third party, without use of the information provided to us by you. No referral fees will be paid with respect to any potential customer for which incomplete or inaccurate information is provided in the form. IQFamilyTrack reserves the right to change and/or cancel the IQFamilyLink Program at any time for any reason. Please contact IQFamilyTrack on 512-535-4165 with any questions or to provide us with a referral.